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The Intersection of Capital and Opportunity

What We Do

Transforming Commercial Real Estate Assets into Success

DealPoint Merrill is an owner and operator of value-added and redevelopment assets, as well as a sponsor of real estate co-investment offerings. For more than 30 years, the principals and its affiliated companies have earned a reputation for client-centric management services from a broad range of financial institutions and individuals. Our services are built on one simple concept: we always place our clients’ interest first, and we manage all assets as if they were our own properties. We also co-invest in all our investment properties.


At A Glance: Who We Are

We are a Regional Real Estate Development Company

  • Headquartered in Los Angeles, California
  • Privately held company
  • Owner and operator of value-added retail conversions and adaptive reuse properties with emphasis on self storage

Highly Evolved Management Team, Operations and Accounting Infrastructure

  • 20+ year average tenure of senior management team
  • Highly disciplined internal systems control and accounting infrastructure
  • Full reporting transparency and audited project financials

Strong, Long-Term Track Record Over Many Investment Cycles

  • Value-added and opportunistic investment philosophy
  • In-house redevelopment, construction and asset/property management capabilities

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Woodland Hills, CA

22801 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 305 Woodland Hills, California 91364 Office: 818-887-9797

Las Vegas, NV

150 N. Durango Drive, Suite 290 Las Vegas, Nevada 89145 Office: 702-889-8800