For over 25+ years in business, our client relationships have been built on integrity, responsiveness and performance. At all times, our team of business professionals seek creative solutions that maximize and protect the property value. The company’s asset and business management team deliver a comprehensive range of services as set forth in more detail below.

  • The Portfolio Manager and Field Supervisor visits the property to handle tenant issues, health and safety reports, maintenance and related subjects to provide the appropriate solutions
  • 24-hour Emergency Service Line which will allow tenants and others access to the managers of your property even on holidays and weekends. Should any emergency occur we will notify you immediately
  • Monitoring of vendors and contractors, preparation of specifications for new contracts, negotiation and/or renegotiations for new contracts and performance evaluation of existing contracts
  • Monthly financial statement: includes an Executive Summary of operational activity and variances to the budget with a general ledger, balance sheet, budget comparison report, summary income sheet, aged delinquency report, income register, rent roll, check register and a bank reconciliation reports
  • Print and mail monthly tenant statements, collect rent, administer and negotiate leases
  • A monthly narrative report summarizing activities for the prior month
  • A remaining Year End Budget and the Annual Budget are prepared for the property
  • Preventative maintenance programs are established for the building’s mechanical components. These programs are verified with vendors through inspections made by the Company staff
  • Supervise the services of an on-site property manager (“Site Manager”). Tenant Satisfaction Surveys are sent out periodically to measure the performance of the management and maintenance personnel as well as to assist with the future planning process
  • The management staff monitors all tenant improvements and works closely with the Property Manager to maintain integrity with the tenant
  • Implementation of strong tenant relation programs and administration of all tenant leases, coordinating closely with the leasing team and establishes procedures for the prompt receipt, recordation, investigation and handling of tenant complaints and requests
  • Leasing broker will standardize existing contracts for consistency to maximize landlord recourse and prepare property for refinance or compliance bank standards
  • Hire, discharge and supervise all employees required for the on-site management, operation, maintenance and repair of the property
  • Maintain constant review of physical structure, provide recommendations and implement programs to maintain the image of the property
  • Take all reasonable steps, including legal action to enforce all maintenance, service and supply contracts, guarantees, warranties, bonds and other contractual undertakings as needed
  • Engage attorneys experienced in the field of landlord-tenant relations to prosecute defaults under leases and other agreements relating to the occupancy of the property
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP)

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  • Develops a customized management plan specifically for the asset -Performs tenant interviews and evaluations
  • Maintains detailed records, including monthly income and expense reports, receivables and payables tracking, along with a detailed check register and monthly bank account reconciliations.
  • On-line paperless document system includes 24/7 access to monthly financial reports, leasing information and maintenance reports


  • Performs repairs and regular maintenance services to protect the value of the property
  • Prepares a Field Inspection Report of the properties condition, health and safety issues
  • Performs property inspections at regularly scheduled intervals to assure the continued quality of the property, buildings and grounds


  • Meets with prospective tenants to evaluate their space needs and designs a plan that will assist tenants in making their decision while preserving the landlord’s tenant mix
  • Prepares a full property and traffic radius report along with marketing brochures and posting on nationwide portals to advertise and invite cooperation from other brokers
  • Prepares all documentation for lease agreements and provides store-front signage assistance and property management information
  • Leasing broker also provides Fee Remediation Leasing to standardize property leases as well as updating existing tenant’s financials
  • Provides a review of the property condition. Prepares a list of recommendations for any deferred maintenance or other related physical issues
  • As needed, confers with architect and/or civil engineer regarding any issues beyond normal repair and maintenance
  • As required, prepares all documents, cost estimates and time-lines necessary to effect completion of the subject repairs, maintenance and/or construction


  • Asset Management
  • Property Management
  • Leasing and Acquisitions
  • Receivership
  • Restructuring
  • Development
  • General Contracting


Our team understands the unique challenges associated with the transition process and work to minimize disruption to ongoing operations. We reduce time and effort, maintain tenant morale, produce effective results and allow for informed decisions through effective communication and organization. We provide a 24-36 hour Preliminary Report to the client with property inspection, evaluation and photos to continue with the transition listed below:



  • Complete Takeover Report is provided to client which includes: abstracting lease analysis, building and property condition, inspections and tenant information
  • Action Plan is completed
  • Notify all the vendors and property depository banking institutions


  • A year end budget is created and provided to client with a cash needs analysis, repairs, leasing, and tenant retention issues
  • Vendor bidding and initial repairs and maintenance have commenced
  • Financial accounting has been updated and processed into our computer system


  • Monthly and quarterly financials are provided
  • Establish budget procedures and policies
  • Implementation of the on-going Action Plan
  • Rents & Profits

Accounting Services


Sperry Van Ness/Dealpoint Merrill’s  seasoned and dedicated accounting staff are a key value and added contributor to our comprehensive management program. We have the ability to provide full accounting services that deliver customized real-time reporting through web-enabled technology which allow our managers and accountants to work more efficiently.


The basic scope of accounting services includes the following:

  • Accounting Summary Report
  • Variance Report
  • Check Register
  • Tenants Cash Receipts Journal
  • CAM Accounts Receivable Status
  • Bank Statements & Reconciliations

Optional Reports available:

  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • Supporting Schedules