DealPoint Merrill

DealPoint Merrill is a privately held real estate development and property management firm which manages quality real estate projects. Since its inception in 1985, DealPoint Merrill encompasses the skills of both construction and full asset management services with 160 affiliated offices nationwide. By capitalizing on its experienced team and detail-oriented approach to business, DealPoint Merrill continues to achieve its development and management objectives in a variety of markets.

As a re-developer of retail anchor shopping centers, DealPoint Merrill has established a desirable record of success. The Company identifies and specifically targets the most likely re-development alternatives for each acquisition and then methodically plans and re-develops the project accordingly.

Ideally positioned in the marketplace, the Company has maintained a competitive advantage with our commitment to quality by combining a keen understanding of tenant strategies, consumer demands and viable markets.

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DealPoint Merrill utilizes a full range of construction services, both internally and through third party consultants to insure that its long-term commitment to quality re-development is upheld. Extensive supervision is provided by the Company’s staff at all levels of construction, including architects, engineers, subcontractors and field supervisors.

Familiarity and experience with alternative materials, efficient designs and advanced construction methods, DealPoint Merrill confidently uses its own disciplined methodology to create developments which are built for maximum success with minimal risk, taking a project from development to stable operations with its dedicated management team.

  • Retail Development
  • Asset Management
  • Property Management
  • Brokerage
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Project Management
  • Property Maintenance

Competitive Advantage

The Company’s development projects feature architectural designs that are not only aesthetically appealing but also designed for maximum function at minimum cost.

DealPoint Merrill continues to expand its portfolio of preferred investment-grade real estate. Since 1985, the Company has exhibited unparalleled excellence in every aspect of development and asset management.

Superior Level of Service

DealPoint Merrill has grown steadily with its many exceptional real estate developments by servicing tenants who desire prime locations in some of the most active yet challenging markets. The Company’s superior level of service, high standards and excellent responsiveness result in unparalleled performance in each market it targets.

Through its national and local contacts, the Company has developed repeat business with an extensive network of relationship-oriented clients.

Strategic Planning

As a group we develop a strategic plan for the operation of the property internally and management commences immediately. Based upon our action plan, our asset management department prepares a budget, expense and cash flow reports and oversees the operation of the property.

The combination of in-house services consist of Asset Manager, Property Management and maintenance. With our combined Team, we survey the property, perform interior and exterior inspections (determining life, safety and health conditions), remediation leasing and area demographics and any issues regarding the property.